me-with-ipad-smallMy name is Ian MacGregor. I grew up in Texas and served in the US Navy where I participated in UNITAS 85 aboard the USS Joseph Hewes (FF-1078). I studied medicine, visited several countries, crossed the equator, passed through the Panamal Canal and the straits of Magellan. I’m currently an ordained minister and hold two doctorate degrees.

I learned about computers at an early age and purchased a TI 99/4A while serving in the military. This computer provided many hours of enjoyment and was my first experience in computer programming. I used Microsoft Windows for many years afterward, but it wasn’t until later that I began to venture off the beaten path.

I found a book about Linux and installed Debian GNU/Linux in 1999. I learned as much as I could and installed Linux as a dual-boot system on my desktop computer. A few months later I was comfortable enough to wipe the hard drive, install Linux as the sole operating system, and say goodbye to Microsoft Windows.

In 2012 I became interested in the iPhone and purchased an iPhone 4S. This mobile device worked so well that I began to move my life from Android devices to Apple devices. A year later I purchased my first Mac mini. I had always enjoyed looking at pictures of OS X and this computer served my needs quite well.

This is my online home, feel free to browse. Thank you for visiting my site.

Rev. Ian MacGregor